Oct 10

J24 racing in the cold rain on the Toronto Harbour

This past weekend was cold and wet in Toronto, it was also the most sailing I think I’ve squeezed into a weekend yet. Saturday tried our patience and two people managed to fall over board while several others including myself had a few close calls. Surfaces were very slippery and wet and this only re-enforced my need for proper deck shoes. Luckily Mike, our team skipper lent me a pair for the day.

The race started early in the morning at 10 am, okay early for me, and went until about 3:30 in the afternoon. The morning saw a bit of wind but later in the day it dropped off to what felt like zero knots and there was almost always a slight drizzle in the air. One of the racers, Luke Sutherland, managed to snap some really awesome photos of the day, and even though we hoped for a little more wind, it’s always fun to get on the water.

The Toronto Skyline always looks great even in gloomy weather.

J24 Toronto Harbourfront

This was probably top speed for the day.

J24 Toronto

The next day a few of us went out on a 35 foot C&C electric powered sailboat. Sunday was the polar opposite to Saturday, strong wind huge waves, what a difference one day can make, but that story is for another post.