Jan 10

The Toronto International Boat Show

This weekend I checked out the boat show in Toronto (pictures below). This was my first time at the boat show since I was a kid, so I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew there would be some boats to check out, but the sheer number of boats blew me away. This show is massive and there is a lot to do. We only gave ourselves 3 and a half hours, but you could easily spend more time. There are no sailboats on display, probably due to their keels I assume (Apparently there are sailboats there and the show is just so huge I missed them. I may check back this week again), but the big motor boats were still cool to check out, and I kept imagining the interior to be how my future sailboat might look.

The show is huge!

If you didn’t attend the show this weekend, there is still lots of time to see it. It runs from January 9 to 17th, so you have all week or next weekend to see the show. I think it’s really worth seeing, even if you are not really into the boating, it’s a fun day, and it’s only 15 dollars to get in. There’s also some sports cars and racing boats there with massive engines on display. A huge indoor lake with over 1 million gallons of water, apparently the world’s largest indoor lake according to the boat show is also open for water activities.

The Lake will host a variety of on-the-water activities showcasing The Winch Jam,  fishing, personal watercraft, kayaking, canoeing, boat handling demonstrations and more. Activities on the Lake will entertain, educate and invite you to get active and get boating!

The show also has everything from canoes and kayaks to specialty hot sauces and dips. There’s a ton of boat gear to be found, but also things like waterproof cameras. Lots of information booths, clubs and magazines to be found also.  I thoroughly enjoyed the show, but the highlight was definitely taking ones shoes off and checking out some of the gorgeous boats. It’s a nice break from the snow and ice that now covers the Toronto Harbour; time to think of the summer, and for me another step of anticipation while I await February for my week of Caribbean sailing in Guadeloupe followed by a second week long getaway in St. Lucia.

We managed to snap a few pictures

The main boat room

Toronto International Boat Show

Toronto International Boat Show

Toronto International Boat Show

One of the larger boats on display

Large boat interior

Me relaxing on my dream boat

Large boat interior

Claudia and I relaxing in some very comfy chairs

Comfy chairs

Claudia takes the helm

Claudia at the helm

Oct 09

Sailing Lake Ontario in cold October

A sailing friend and I managed to get out in our favourite boat, the J24 earlier this week before the closure of our club. There is actually still one more weekend to go, but if the weather doesn’t co-operate this one might have been the last. If so it was a great end to the season, even if it was rather cold. It really is amazing how much colder it is on the water than on land and I don’t think you really realize it until you try it, but take my word for it, October is cold on lake Ontario.

The weather was kind of mean looking all around us, so we didn’t venture too far out onto the lake. While we were out I managed to snap these quick shots of the stormy skies and our very wet bow on the J24. The storm clouds never did hit us, but they did provide strong gusts and an exciting day.

j24 after some big waves hit it

j24 with stormy weather

I also took two pretty cool video’s and this time I held the camera correctly. I’ve never taken much video of anything before, but I think sailing videos are just so cool, especially when they are mine. I’m even thinking about buying a Flip Mino HD for the future, which is a mini HD video recorder. The one thing photos and video don’t really show is the size of the waves and the heeling of the boat. Heeling is how much the boat is tipping or leaning to one side due to the wind, and in these videos we had some really good heeling happening. The first time you ever feel a really strong heel can be quite unnerving, but eventually you learn to love it, as these videos show.