meMy name is Ian Hoar. In August of 2009 I was walking by Queen’s Quay Sailing and Powerboating and dropped in to pick up a brochure, this was the start of my sailing career. I had toyed with the idea of taking up sailing for years, and over the past several I lived in front of a marina in my last two homes. This August day was different though, because on this day I told myself that I had talked about it enough, it was time for action so I signed up for my first class.

Over the next few weeks I received my basic CYA certification, met a lot of new friends and did a lot of sailing. At first it was overwhelming and a bit intimidating, but soon I caught the sailing bug and couldn’t get enough. After a few weeks I thought why am I not recording this for other beginners, I am learning so much, so this is what this blog is about. Wind and Sail, Learning the art of sailing through practice. Here I will share my experiences, what I have learned, and most of all I hope that if you stumble across my blog with thoughts of possibly taking up sailing that you do it. Life is short, and you only live once.

If you are technically minded or like to Geek out every now and then, check out IanHoar.com, for my web design and technology blog. I’m also a web designer and developer. Need help building your next site? Try imhMedia.