July, 2010

Jul 10

Tall Ships Challenge at Toronto Waterfront Festival

I live at the foot of the Toronto Harbourfront, so today being Canada Day, I battled the huge crowds down there to snap a few photos from the Tall Ships Challenge at the Toronto Waterfront Festival. About ten tall ships have docked along the Toronto Harbourfront. Some of these ships are much larger than the the Pathfinder I sailed a couple of weeks ago, but they are all tall ships. The Toronto harbour usually has 4 or 5 tall ships at any given time, but this week there is about ten extra ones to check out. The Pathfinders sister ship Playfair is also on display,  although I did not see Pathfinder, maybe it was out sailing somewhere.

Beautiful boats

The boats are just beautiful, you can actually buy a boarding pass for $15 and go on each one, but I couldn’t bring myself to stand in line and battle the crowds. You can still see everything topside pretty well from the shore. The Festival runs from June 30th – July 4th. One of the most interesting boats was Europa. This ship was originally from Netherlands, built in 1911 and now sails around the world, including trips to Antarctica. The boat is pretty big and I can see it from my window. After visiting the Europa site, my interest is piqued! Maybe my next sailing trip should be to Antarctica. Check out their site for some fantastic photos and info on this ship.



There were about ten ships in total when I went and they are all participating in The Race to Save the Lakes.

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