An introduction to Wind and Sail

Welcome to Wind and Sail. This being the first post I though I would share my first YouTube video with you. At the time this was shot it was the roughest waters and highest winds we had sailed on yet and I was having trouble holding on to the camera and getting the right orientation. I have promised myself next time will be better, but it’s actually hard not to feel a little queezy behind a camera when sailing. About twenty minutes after this photo was taken my girl friend got a bout of severe seasickness.

They say there are 3 steps to seasickness.

  1. You think you are going to die
  2. You want to die
  3. You realize you are not going to die

Luckily for me I have not experience bad seasickness yet.

Video is outside of the Toronto Harbour circling the island in mid September of 2o09.

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