September, 2009

Sep 09

Great website:

I found this excellent website the other day called It has an astounding amount of information on it, covering countries all around the world with access to marina directories, videos, charts, weather and more.

The marina data has been extensively integrated with Google Maps. You can quickly toggle map overlays like Marine Services, Bridges, Locks, Ferry Terminals, Anchorages, you name it. What’s really interesting in Google Maps is the nautical charts. If you zoom in close enough many area’s have chart data like this one of the Toronto harbour.

Toronto chart

You can also view the charts in Google Earth which I have not tried yet. Google Earth is addictive enough as it is. In the huge marina database there are thousands of aerial photographs, you can really get lost on this site, highly recommended.

Sep 09

Ready for Guadeloupe in 2010

Guadeloupe mapToday I took the plunge and dropped the deposit for my CYA Intermediate Cruising certification in the Caribbean. I could have taken it here in Toronto out on Lake Ontario, but I can sail on Lake Ontario anytime. The cruise starts in Guadeloupe and we sail to Îles des Saintes. It will be my second time to the Caribbean, but my first time sailing there. Last year I was in Grenada and got a wicked sun burn and brought a cold with me, but it was still a fantastic experience and I can’t wait to visit another Caribbean place. I also plan on visiting Grenada again sometime, possibly on a boat, the people in this country are amazing.

The trip is in February when it is blisteringly cold here in Toronto, so it will be a nice retreat. I hope to bring back parts of my experience and share what I learn here. If you are interested in sailing to the Caribbean and live in Toronto then check out Queen’s Quay Sailing and Powerboating for details on the trip.

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Last years trip to Grenada on Flickr.

Sep 09

An introduction to Wind and Sail

Welcome to Wind and Sail. This being the first post I though I would share my first YouTube video with you. At the time this was shot it was the roughest waters and highest winds we had sailed on yet and I was having trouble holding on to the camera and getting the right orientation. I have promised myself next time will be better, but it’s actually hard not to feel a little queezy behind a camera when sailing. About twenty minutes after this photo was taken my girl friend got a bout of severe seasickness.

They say there are 3 steps to seasickness.

  1. You think you are going to die
  2. You want to die
  3. You realize you are not going to die

Luckily for me I have not experience bad seasickness yet.

Video is outside of the Toronto Harbour circling the island in mid September of 2o09.